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Case Study #1: Strategy Development & Execution / Sales & Marketing

In this case and as a condition of a Management Buyout, a major global Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) firm required a new strategy for execution to achieve double-digit top and bottom line growth of its North American region.  It was essential to not only achieve the top and bottom line growth, but to maintain a stellar return on net revenue (RoNR), which was then twice the industry average.  The current situation consisted of a region comprised of fragmented and independent local business units with varying degrees of business success.  There was a very limited regional approach to sectors, clients, or services and no regional sales and marketing function.

To address the business challenge, a strategy was developed that overlaid an approach for sectors, clients, and services (practices) across the geographic business units (creation of “mortar between the bricks”) underpinned by enhanced functional support (i.e., sales and marketing).  Resources were focused on sectors, clients, and services that would produce the desired result and an investment (i.e., strategic hiring plan) and buildout plan (i.e., new offices) established.  As a result of the execution of the strategy, the region successfully achieved year-on-year double-digit top and bottom growth while actually increasing the RoNR.

Case Study #2: Key Account Management

For this case, a major global EHSS firm required a redesigned and refreshed Global Key Account Management Program to enhance the ability to grow revenues while achieving operational and service excellence.  It was required that the program cover two dozen global multinational clients from the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, and Manufacturing sectors that comprised more than 25 percent of the global business and provide the framework for smaller regional and local key clients.

To address the business challenge, a new program was developed to include the necessary tools and processes and to build support for working together across independent business units (and profit centers).  Tools and processes included items such as: key account plan templates, team communication protocols, and team roles and responsibilities.   A face-to-face and web-based training program was designed and executed.  As a result of the new program, the revenues from the global key client portfolio grew from $95M to $217M over a five year period and geographic and service diversification was gained.

Case Study #3: Market Advisory

For this case, a major Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) firm needed to gain a better understanding of the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) market and competitors in North America to define a business investment case.  This information was key to developing a strategy and actions to transform the Company’s EHS Division.

To address the business challenge, a review and compilation of the key service needs of the EHS market along with the competitive landscape was completed.  This included summaries of sectors, their key service needs, key geographies, and who currently provided services to set the stage for developing a strategy to transform the EHS Division.

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