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Strategy Development & Execution

Sustained business and organizational success is often tied back to a sound strategy, which can be clearly communicated and executed at a high level.  This means making decisions on where the organization seeks to be in the future and what takes priority for resources.  Since there are often multiple options and pathways, selecting the best fit for the organization is essential.  What works for one may not work for another.  DCG assists organizations in assessing an existing strategy or setting a new one, considering alternatives, and adjusting to a strategy that is the fit for an intended outcome.  DCG can also support the execution of the strategy by developing actionable plans and providing “hands on” support on an interim or short-term basis.

Sales & Marketing

Having a sales and marketing function that aligns with the planned business objectives and operations is critical for ultimate business success.  Sales and marketing needs to compliment the expectations for growth, organizational capability, and vice versa.  DCG can support organizations with developing a sales and marketing function that aligns with the overall business as well as the markets to be served.

Key Account Management

A key part of most successful companies is how well they can serve those markets / clients that are most important for their short and long term business success.  To have sustained success managing key accounts, a key account management program and culture should be in place.  DCG can provide support in establishing or enhancing the management of key accounts through the assistance with developing processes, organizational capabilities, and “hands-on” coaching to individuals or teams.

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Organizational Excellence

At the end of the day, the success of great ideas, strategies, and plans is determined by how well the organization executes various functions and tasks.  Is the organization designed for success and does the organization consist of the right people, with the right skills, and the right motivation?  DCG can provide support in assessing your organization’s design and capabilities helping identify strengths and weaknesses and areas that can be enhanced.  DCG can also supplement existing staff and, where needed, help in recruiting the missing pieces.

Market Advisory / EHS Supplier Leveraging

DCG has extensive expertise in the EHS consulting and supplier market and can support organizations in a better understanding of this market.  Whether this understanding is to support strategic growth or investment decisions or simply help companies who utilize EHS consultancies for their success by better understanding how EHS suppliers can be better leveraged, DCG can help.

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